Beacon Pharmaceuticals Limited has started its journey with a vision to become a global company. Beacon is the first company in Bangladesh to start export of life saving cancer drugs. The company is exporting its products in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

What makes us such a good partner?

  1. World class facilities to manufacture general, oncology and cephalosporins.
  2. Facilities to manufacture unconventional dosage forms like lyophilized products, Pre-Filled syringe, Large Volume parenteral, Liquid in Hard gelatin capsules etc.
  3. Can manufacture both patented and off-patented drugs.
  4. International quality standard products, tailored to ready for any market.
  5. Affordable production cost

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Countries, where Beacon’s Patient Support Program available:

Australia Armenia Albania Azerbaijan Belarus
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Belize Bosnia Bulgaria Colombia Croatia 
belize_640 bosnia Bulgaria colombia Croatia
China Cambodia Greece Georgia Hungary
China cambodia greece georgia_640 Hungary
Italy Indonesia Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan
Italy Indonesia Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan
Kosovo Latvia Lithunia Macedonia Macau
kosovo Latvia lithuania macedonia_640 Macau
Myanmar Malayasia Montenegro Moldova New Zealand
myanmar_640 malaysia_640 montenegro_640 moldova_640 New Zealand
Russia Serbia Singapore Thailand Tajikistan
Russia serbia_640 singapore_640 Thailand Tajikistan
Turkmenistan Uzbekistan Ukraine UK USA 
Turkmenistan Uzbekistan ukraine_640 UK USA
Taiwan Hongkong Nepal Estonia Tajikistan
Taiwan Hong kong nepal Estonia images
Turkey Cyprus
turkey Estonia