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Beacon may ship $5m pharma products to Syria

Beacon Pharmaceuticals, the local pioneer of oncology product manufacturing, may export $5 million worth of pharmaceuticals to Syria by December this year -- a huge development for the local pharma industry. The shipment will make Syria the single largest export destination for Bangladeshi pharmaceuticals. "We will get registration from the government of Syria to export [...]

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Beacon committed to stand beside patients with affordable oncology products

Beacon Pharmaceutical Limited, a pioneer oncology drug maker in Bangladesh, is making a tremendous progress to fight against cancer in manifold activities including invention of affordable oncology products for patients. Alongside manufacturing oncology medicines, the Bangladeshi pharma player also observes the World Cancer Day on February 4 every year with due manner to make people [...]

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Conquering economic setback for Covid-19 focused in Beacon’s annual conference

Beacon Pharmaceuticals Limited has recently arranged annual conference 2021 of its Oncology, Biotech & Palliative Care divisions with the theme of ‘comeback is stronger than setback,’ amid the slugging global economy for the Covid-19 pandemic. The two-day-long annual conference that began on January 8 was held at Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf in Sreemangal [...]

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One in each eight women is at the risk of Breast Cancer

A seminar on breast cancer has recently been arranged at Beacon Business Centre in Dhaka with an aim to raise awareness among the country’s women about the risk of the disease. Beacon Oncology Limited, a sister concern of Beacon Group arranged the seminar on October 12, 2020, where all women colleagues of the business centre [...]

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Beacon Pharma begins journey of Cephalosporin

Beacon Pharma has begun producing a high-quality lifesaving third generation antibiotic cephalosporin drugs from its dedicated Cephalosporin Plant set up in Bhaluka upazila of Mymensingh. Health and Family Welfare Minister Zahid Maleque inaugurated the operation of the plant on around three acres of land in the area on August 20, 2020 and expressed his good [...]

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Beacon optimistic about Favipiravir for treating Covid-19 patients

Beacon, a leading pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh, is very optimistic about the effectiveness of Favipiravir as the first possible clinically proven drug for the treatment of people infected with Covid-19. Md Ebadul Karim MP, Managing Director of Beacon, said his company is ready to go for production of the Favipiravir immediately if the authority gives [...]

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Beacon Pharma sets up dedicated antibiotic plant for Tk 250cr

Beacon Pharmaceuticals inaugurated a new facility today to manufacture antibiotics exclusively -- a venture that is likely to fetch the company Tk 100 crore in export receipts a year. Health Minister Zahid Malik will inaugurate the plant through video conferencing on August 20. The plant, which sits on 3 acres of land in Bhaluka upazila [...]

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News links On Effectiveness on Favipiravir through “Dhaka Trial”

Dhaka Tribune Link: Daily Star Link : The Daily New Nation : Daily Sun : Observer : Our Time: The Business Standard :

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Favipira of Beacon Pharma 96pc effective in clinical trial

Effective results have been found in the clinical trials of Beacon Pharmaceuticals 'Favipiravir' for the treatment of coronavirus infected patients.The Bangladesh Society of Medicine (BSM) conducted the trial in the capital where 96 per cent of the patients recovered from Covid-19.The result of the clinical trial was announced by Prof Syed Golam Mogni Mawla, an [...]

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Beacon Pharma Favipiravir

Beacon Pharma, a generic drugmaker from Bangladesh, will start clinical trials to see if the anti-viral drug Favipiravir is a safe option to treat Covid-19. In an interview to ET, Monjulrul Alam, Director, Beacon Pharma, said that the company is looking at the safety profile of the drug compared with HCQ that is being widely [...]

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Trial finds Favipira effective for treating mild, moderate Covid-19 patients

96% of the patients who participated in the clinical trial were cured by the anti-flu drug, according to medical professionals involved with the trial A limited-scale clinical trial has found Favipira, an antiviral drug to treat influenza, to be effective in treating patients with mild to moderate Covid-19 symptoms. Around 96% patients who participated in [...]

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Covid-19 Patients: Favipiravir effective in Dhaka trial

The Bangladesh Society of Medicine (BSM) has found effectiveness of Favipiravir as a clinically proven drug for the treatment of Covid-19 patient. After ending trial in Wuhan province of China and Russia, the Dhaka trial revealed similar effectiveness of Favipiravir in treating Covid-19 infected patients. The BSM found around 96 percent patients to be Covid-19 [...]

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Commercial production starts of another promising COVID-19 cure

Local pharmaceuticals have started commercial production of an anti-flu and viral infection medication found effective in treating novel coronavirus patients by Combined Military Hospital (CMH) and Bangladesh Air Force (BAF). Favipiravir was originally developed to treat influenza by Toyama Chemical, which was owned by Fujifilm, the Japanese photography company that now has sizable holdings in [...]

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Beacon produces antiviral drug Favipiravir to fight Covid-19

Beacon Pharmaceuticals Limited has developed an antiviral drug Favipiravir, better known as Avigan, accelerating treatment for the people infected with the novel coronavirus (Covid-19). In 2014, Fujifilm Toyama Chemical Company invented the drug first in Japan and the drug was used in treating the people who were infected with Ebola virus, said a press release [...]

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